I see now why I cannot recall what I did this morning

NEW YORK—People who regularly smoke marijuana may find their memories growing hazy over time, a recently published study suggests; another study will it never end? I think not. Seriously I reckon it does but that’s just my opinion; I have smoked it however years ago but not very much; and not now. The most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S. The main active chemical is THC. Street names are Pot, Ganga, weed, grass, and many others. Effects are Short-term effects include memory and learning problems, distorted perception, and difficulty thinking and solving problems. Statistics and trends are nearly 45% of U.S. teenagers try marijuana before finishing high school. I myself am of the view one will never ever stop it and there is of course great controversy on whether it is good as a pain relieving drug I say it is but the FDA say no; however it has been noted that for the ailments I listed it does do good in alleviating pain etc; Well that's my opinion• . Alzheimer's Disease, Anorexia, AIDS, Arthritis, Cachexia,Cancer, Crohn's Disease Epilepsy, Glaucoma, HIV,Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis Nausea, Pain, Spasticity, Wasting Syndrome. Now in good old Oz it depends on the state you live in and I think that the State of NSW is reasonably liberal about it all; in the Nations federal capital and territory it is legal; no wonder our politicians looked plumb tuckered out all the time lol. Nimbin NSW now I have been there many times on business and found the whole area one of amusement; one tip if you go don’t pick up a hitch hiker as none of them seem to like water. I recall stopping for two a boy and girl asked them where they wanted to go and the guy said are you going to Lismore yep I said so he shoved the girl in and vanished; a 40 kilometre drive and phew was I glad when I got there.Yes they have a Mardi Gras there or did; it should interest you to read the link.

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