Not before time but it had to happen

The pair of these two Yahoo’s should really be hung out to dry I reckon along with their immediate boss our esteemed Prime Minister (to some). Vaile well in my book he has to go no risk; I recall this bloke well when he first entered Federal politics never did go much on him, prior to him it was a Miss Wendy Machin who held his seat; but as is the case when a political party regain power with a huge majority; guess what they altered the electoral boundaries. Now Wendy was found out involved in a scam rorting disadvantaged pensioners who were not a 100% in charge of their faculties; to be fair it was her Father’s business where these poor folk were worked to the limit and just received a state pension; nothing came of it of course and she sort of vanished so to speak. I have an idea that her and Vaile were at one time in state politics but went to the higher echelons. But these other two jokers in my opinion should face the full force of this enquiry. Still no doubt nothing will come of it but I and a lot more hope so. If they can send a crooked cop to gaol on the recommendation of a Royal commission why not these two? none of these bloody politicians can be trusted none of them they are just out for how much will I recieve in little extras and the like; and if they can stick out the life for ex amount of years well the pension they recieve makes the mind boggle. It seems that this Cole bloke heading this commission is exasperated; but only because he is being pressured by the fourth estate; good on ya keep at it boys and girls.

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