The saga continues it seems

THE Howard Government was warned three years ago that the US was determined to uncover corruption in AWB's trade with Iraq as part of a plan to take the business for its own farmers. AWB executive Daryl Hockey, a former press secretary for the National Party's John Anderson, told the Cole inquiry yesterday he went to Iraq for the Government's aid agency, AusAID, after Saddam Hussein's regime was toppled. And now what with this enquiry into this going the fourth estate is still nosing around and good on them I say; so Mr Howard our's not your Government it seem is being told more and more; and in the begining you BLATANTLY denied all knowledge of it; and you wish to be elected once more? not with my vote you won't, no way Buster I reckon it is time you left the political arena and take your offsider with you, like yesterday.

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