Daylight Saving Time

(Not Daylight "Savings" Time)DST Extended by Four Weeks in U.S. Starting in 2007 Good or bad well I guess that’s up to you but it seems POTUS has signed it in to law; but how you will be able to save energy by not using power in the summer evenings is quite beyond me as if you get up to go to work it will be dark thus necessitating power to be used in the morning instead of the evening. Still I guess that thought had not occurred to him when signing this! This info on this site may well be accurate now but two states and a territory of Australia don’t observe it and parts of those states are not in the tropics although most of the areas in those states are; The real reason that the UK went on it in the beginning was in WW11 and double summer or daylight saving was compulsory and supposedly to avert enemy bombers from flying until it got dark; how that worked has me beat all they had to do was fly when it got dark and it was darker in the morning oh well. All I know is that when other states here change to daylight saving it throws animals routines out of kilter and the same with trading etc.


  1. I'm with you, Buck. Can't abide the fact that in this country, some states have DST and others don't. Especially when you live near the border as I do, and have to cross back and forth quite often. I'd be much happier if Qld went with the flow.

    Anyway, it's all over for another year now. Thank goodness.

  2. Yes Jude all I can say is I feel sorry for most of America having daylight saving for 6 months of the year as from Next year; worse for you when NSW go on it as you are so near to the border I agree at least it's not for 6 months which is some recompense; glad to see you are back, and fighting fit.
    I myself hate daylight saving but in the Southern states they seem to like it; we get enough sun up here closer to the equator I think; just what I think of course.