Budget day approaches peoples but as usual excuses loom

Mr.Costello you have been telling us the Australian public that we have been in the black for some time; and now when budget day is on the horizon you are feeding us a tale of woe; such bull. Don’t forget this is an election year if I was you I would watch my mouth. You act like a smirking schoolboy in parliament as I have seen you; you and your party are only concerned with conserving your money and other folk like yourself who are not short of a quid. We battlers and senior citizens can go to hell as far as you are concerned; You sir are a honeyed speaking individual even your good old buddy honest John did a better job when he was the treasurer and his budgets were not worth a pinch of snuff either. And you are hoping to be Prime Minister God I hope not. As the opposition counterpart says in this news report it will be a hamburger and milkshake tax cut and I agree with that.

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