New rules for New Aussie Citizens

Wake up Rob these rules have always been in force they were just not policed as they should have been. When I first lobbed into this country it never applied to me because my native tongue was English what’s more there was no Australian citizens in those days we were all British subjects; I do how ever agree with our own citizenship here and although at one time I was allowed dual nationality, I only used a pommy passport once; in fact I have misplaced it now. I think we can still hold dual nationality but who cares if you live here one should obtain citizenship in my opinion. Now back to this farce of yours about English speakers; as I said it was always the go for a migrant or new chum to read speak and write English but it had lapsed somewhat (bad policing by immigration) when I first came here in the very early sixties. I recall a job I took on arrival all non English speakers worked there except the boss who was Greek and yours truly. A truck pulled up that day with a huge load on it and the trucky asked anyone speaka the English; yeah mate I said I do; thank C****t for that he said will you sign for it? no worries I said, I been coming here for a week now no such luck; I helped him unload and signed for it and then cleared off to another job I had lined up. I have seen guys seeking employment in those days bringing their son/daughter with them as they themselves could not speak our native language, and yet even way back then it was a requirement to know the language before immigration was allowed, in fact they held special classes in their home countries before getting that visa they craved. And now you are giving us this rubbish, I agree it has been harder these last few years with terror attacks, boat people and refugees but it is no excuse as those laws are or should be still in place. I was even asked at Australia house in London and the interviewer said don’t bother answering that mate but it is a requirement that I should ask. We have had these laws for well over 45 years to my knowledge. I guess a few extra taxpayers funds will be coming your way now still you and the government couldn’t care less could you?

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