The plot thickens fired or not fired who knows?

Personally I think General Clark is right although he may have another motive for his explanation of course. So is it six or seven or eight now that wish Rumsfeld to resign? Gen Clark said in a television interview: "I believe secretary Rumsfeld hasn't done an adequate job. He should go." Gen Clark said he believed Mr. Rumsfeld, along with Vice-President Dick Cheney, had helped push the Iraq invasion when there was quote "no connection with the war on terror” unquote. Myself I think the General is right. If one is to fight a war one should leave all military decisions to the Commander and not a civilian. Not that I believe in war; far from it in fact. This has been the undoing of many a war campaign and probably always will be. Bush and Cheney along with Rumsfeld are not military men; oh it is likely they were at one stage of their lives but not with the knowledge the Generals on the joint chiefs have. The decision to start a war is the responsibility of the head of state or in some countries the Prime minister; after that it should be left out of their hands and just take the advice of the joint chiefs or war cabinet. One needs a fail safe mechanism in place of course so a couple of retired Generals/Admirals whatever should suffice in that position but never ever in the hands of one man. As we have seen there was no actual war needed here I mean was the USA threatened by Iraq? I think not. So now the poor people of Iraq and the Coalition military have had horrendous loss of life and for what? It is time for G.W.Bush junior to withdraw from a war which was not warranted. Ok so hunt down the attackers of the 9/11 and other terror attacks by all means but not an invasion of a sovereign nation. How would G.W.Bush feel if the USA was invaded? You get my drift I take it? Stop playing the world’s head Police officer Bush and Rumsfeld and look to your own country and their needs and believe me they are great. You see George it is not the Turkey shoot you once bragged it would be, and how long ago was that?

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