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Stalin's half-ape super troops A SECRET plan to create hordes of half-man half-ape super-warriors to conquer the rest of world has been uncovered in Moscow. Stalin's dream ... Planet of the Apes image from Twentieth Century Fox. Was he French Perchance? Man survives on frogs It seems a guy survived for four days by eating frogs and small mammals after being cut off by flood water on an Island and never took his mobile or cell whatever oh dear. Now this is more like it. Spaceport Down under plan Cheap only going to cost A$150 million and it has been going ten years a study of course what else; all we read these days are studies still its in the most logical spot BUT Woomera is also sacred to our indigenous people; and this is where the Poms and the Aussies conducted Atomic testing in the 50’s, even used their own troops no protection only goggles. If I want to go to Woomera I have to get a special permit as it is on a large native reservation; makes one think I reckon. Oh to be a Millionaire one here in Vienna is offering a reward of get this he is ready to be generous to the person who brings back Grimaldi. The reward would be a three-carat diamond from the jeweler Bulgari worth about euros 60,000 ($102,389.08) that the dog was wearing, along with euros 20,000 ($34,129) in cash, He was quoted as saying I miss Grimaldi so much, she is all I have; where are you ladies? Lol You have no right to jive: judge NEW York City may be known as a centre of artistic expression, but a judge has dismissed a lawsuit that argued people have a constitutional right to dance in any bar or restaurant; In a city renowned for well everything really sure this is a bit much still they have a second chance; I do believe we are getting worse in a lot of things but dancing well come on Judge lighten up a little, I mean you can kiss cuddle and God knows what but no dancing what a joke. Police seek naked bushwalker UNDERCOVER police will try to catch a naked man who has been bushwalking wearing nothing but a backpack and hat. The man was spotted yesterday by a woman in Ku-ring-gai National Park near Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra, about midday; this is a northern suburb of Sydney much bush there. Thieves steal crocodile from zoo THIEVES have made a snappy escape with a 1.2 metre crocodile from a central Queensland zoo. The female freshwater croc was stolen from Rockhampton Zoo between 3am and 5am (AEST) on Saturday morning, police said. In fact there are many more odd stories on here if you browse.

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