Was life on Mars Humanoid

I have my own theories regarding Mars and Venus; I myself think that aeons ago an event on Mars caused life to flee to another planet I.E Earth; all supposition of course but I have been looking up this as best I can, hard of course as I only have our scientist's theories but then who really are they to know it is just an educated guess in my opinion. Further down the track I have a suggestion to proffer and that is the way the Earth is going at the moment a similar event will happen here and by the time that arises humankind will possibly go and settle on Venus as it will in the distant future be able to sustain Human life. In the 1980s, new evidence turned up. Analysis of trace gases within meteorites found on Earth revealed that some had originated on Mars or on our moon. Interestingly, an alternative source for life on Mars may have been Earth itself. Asteroid impacts are capable of ejecting rocky material from planets into space. Once in space, close encounters with their planet of origin would alter the orbits of such material. The orbits of material ejected from Mars could evolve to the point that they would cross the orbit of Earth; similarly, ejecta from Earth could evolve to the point that their orbits would cross the orbit of Mars. COULD LIFE HAVE ARISEN ON MARS? Life on Earth appeared sometime prior to 3.5 billion years ago, although the details of its origin are unknown. It does certainly seem a catastrophe hit mars as can be seen on here, in fact it goes on to pose the question as to was Earth a colony of mars and I find that feasible. The fellow that found some evidence and was a very competent Doctor and worked for NASA I do believe he was an Astronaut but the name is not familiar to me, I do know he was a renowned flier and Photographer. it seems a huge blast occured. At the beginning of the year 2000 the focus on Mars was coming out of the blurry stages when experts of the American Astronomical Society, said their calculations had shown that if life ever existed on Mars it could very well have been carried to Earth aboard some 5 trillion rocks blasted from the Red Planet by impacting asteroids.Earth's DNA got to Mars. Mars' DNA got to Earth. Both Mars and Earth were seeded by some unknown third source.I myself subscribe to the second theory here, I guess I could go on and on about this but according to what I have read it is a distinct possibility that us Humans did aeons ago come from the red planet.

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