An open letter to Vladimir Putin

Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин, You will do just about anything to get that warm water port you have hankered after for so long I guess; throughout all of the cold war until the present day you are still pushing for it. You are and always will be a thorn in the side of the western world even though you pretend to be ever so friendly with us all; deep down you are still a communist at heart a policy the west despises and always will. You killed your sailors as I recall with the Kursk incident, oh and it almost happened again; it would not look good on your record would it to have to allow foreigners with superior equipment help you until it was too late all due to your rabid mistrust of the west no matter how many times you were photographed with Bill Clinton all good pals and all; such rubbish. Now this with helping out a people who it is true have been spat upon etc; but you are not doing it for that are you? Deep down you want that warm water port come hell or high water what a pun. Have you ever stopped to consider that the Palestinian Authority don’t care where the funds come from just so it is funds; the only thing that worries me and no doubt quite a lot of folk are the Jews; how will they fare? Your hatred of the Jews is well known and they too need a place to live, as is The Palestinian Authority hatred of them well known. After reading this in depth one wonders whether President Bush is correct about Iran! But I think not he is a megalomaniac; you sir are doing it by stealth. By all means give them fiscal aid if they in turn leave the Israelis alone, and spend the funds on improvements to the life of the folk in Palestine; I am all for that, sadly it will not happen. So what are you actually getting out of this? YES YOU GOT IT A WARM WATER PORT.you don't actually care about people in the Middle East at all.

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