The figures do not lie Mr. Prime Minister

Take heed that we are heartily sick of the way you crawled up King George’s ass of the USA,

You were not elected with these things in mind indeed you and that hypocrite Tony Blair were elected to govern our respective countries not a foreign power.

You and that sidekick of yours Andrew Downer and Ruddock have gone beyond the decency of humankind.

You seem convinced that David Hicks is guilty how can you say this; in my opinion David was in the wrong place at the right time For you that is.

No Weapons of mass destruction were ever found but you blithely believed your bosom buddy as did Blair.

You did notice I hope that Blair got his detainees back safe and sound; WHY CAN'T YOU?

It is now time to bring this young man home govern Australia don’t pander to the POTUS.

You are not good at governing are you little John the wheat board scandal you so vehemently denied bears that out little things to you maybe but not to the average Australian.

You continue to take more and more allowances from senior citizens who have paid their taxes even fought in wars you still punish them. You sir have the hide of a Rhinoceros look to your laurels pal you may well be ousted with the change of leadership in the opposition.


As a liberal you are just an arch conservative you jet around the world at public expense trying to appease us with all manner of crap; I noticed when you were in opposition you grumbled about the then government of the day now you hate being interviewed on your government’s excesses; Me I just love to see you squirm.

Still cheap tucker and grog I suppose in the parliamentary bistros whilst struggling battlers and seniors have to make do, yes I thought that was the case.

You could of course score some points by DEMANDING NOT ASKING for David Hicks release think on this well ok.

Remember things are changing in the United States with the regaining of power by the Democrats.

Just change things here is all most Australians want get off your ass and do it AND BRING DAVID HOME.

Story on David Hicks courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

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