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The unthinkable happened when the third Australian team to tour England achieved the unthinkable; The origins of cricket's oldest international contest go back to 1882. Until then, the English had never been beaten on home soil, but Australia, led by WL Murdoch, shocked the Mother Country and pulled off an amazing win England, with the legendary WG Grace in their ranks, lost by seven runs, Aussie fast bowler Fred Spofforth taking 14 wickets for 90 runs. Boy what a shock that must have been to the old boy’s network and establishment when we unruly colonists snatched victory from the old enemy and on their home soil to boot. The following day, a mock obituary ran in the Sporting Times "in affectionate remembrance of English cricket, which died at the Oval on 29th August, 1882". Supposedly a bail or stump was burnt and placed in an urn which was then presented to the cricket establishment at lords and so the term the ashes were born. Since then of course it has changed hands a number of times I believe the longest we unruly bastards held the trophy was for 19 years and 2 days; we lost it about 15 or 16 months ago but today we decidedly beat the Brits which put up at times a strong defence; they succumbed and we have now won 3 out of the 5 games scheduled to be played. I myself thought we were lucky at times in the first 2 tests but this one held at the WACA ground seemed a struggle at times for both sides until we cracked them open; it was hard work by the look of it but there were some outstanding scores by some on both sides but wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist I thought was magnificent notching up the second fastest century in the history of the game; he missed out on attaining the fastest ever by just one ball; what an achievement. He must have broken the hearts of some of the English team but he tends to play fast and furious its just his style, I personally loved every minute of his innings The heat in the middle was I believe unbearable for both sides and was over the 100 mark out in the centre so extra drink breaks were understandably permitted by the Umpires. There was a time when the wicket at the WACA was a hard bouncy one but it seems to have lost some of that over the last few years; the result of the ground staff I guess. Why England kept their spinner Monty Panesar hidden had me baffled; although he bowled well he was not exactly a thorn in our team especially Gilly who just belted him all over the paddock and not only him either. Just 2 tests to go and then the one day games which are very exciting, the day night games are a huge favourite here and in England too. I am especially looking forward to the New Year's day test in Sydney which follows on after the Boxing day test in Melbourne. Sourced from BBC Sport Images from Google Images

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