A couple of items one a tad personal.

I definitely concur with this. Re New Zealand’s win over Sri Lanka New Zealand could have well have lost the test if they had not whipped off the bails in this instance it was Brendon McCullum’s call. Goodness knows what would have happened if he had not run out Muttiah Muralitharan who by the way is a very Sharp and fine cricketer and knew on Saturday New Zealand could well have lost this game. Sadly the spirit of the game is not what it once was. One cannot abide by this quaint Pommy notion of interpreting the rules of cricket which started out when the game was first played in earnest on Hambledon Common it had been played before this but really came into its own when it beat an all England side in the 18th Century at Hambledon I believe. Now we have video referees apart from the match referee and the two umpires; where once a player walked off when he knew he was out it seems those days have gone so the onus was on the umpires at first until the video referee who mark you always gives the batsman the benefit of the doubt if it is too hard to call, these tactics are used far too often these days, being an Australian only one player springs to mind as the fairest in this department and that’s Gilly our wicketkeeper/batsman; there are others I just cannot recall them at this time. Even though the umpire gestured Mutti to get back to his crease he could not possibly have called a dead ball the ball was still in the air at the time. Test cricket is not a friendly knock it is serious business. Courtesy of Richard Book New Zealand Herald *****************************************************************************

This personal thing

Not really personal I guess but it does involve how a friend of mine from the USA I write to quite regularly is being treated by at least one of her other friends; I thought it a bloody disgrace when she told me today.

This lady in my opinion deserves a medal for what she does for society, she is one of those ladies who bake cakes, cookies, homemade jams you name it she does it; for the troops in Iraq and not just American ones either she also does other things out of the goodness of her heart; she has a big heart.

I cannot say much more otherwise folk from her area will know to whom I am referring; she does much more I assure you.

What the person said to her well words just fail me ok but it was in my area of the world.

I do wish her well in all her endeavour’s I think if I was her age I would be very honoured to meet her; I doubt I will sadly I am however working on going to the USA so who knows one day I might get a cookie or three.

I just wish there was some recognition I could give her but I am not a US citizen.

Good luck ****** ok and may heaven shine on you truly you are blessed.


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