These comments make me crook

So our new Australian Labor leader is going to clean up his act is he well how about a shot at that weasel Howard do you realise that every time a woman has a child here they get a few grand well so I was told however I am trying to ascertain this it should be on the site at the bottom of the blog post

The thing is when I raised my family I never got all these handouts from the government at all just a piddly sum of a few shillings.

I have been told my own granddaughter got at least two grand in her hand the same as my grandson he spent his with his woman of choice at the time on grog yep he just pissed it away; he is not the only one who does this either.

Instead that weasel Howard is doing his level best to deny retired senior citizens at the expense of young families; God I wish I was the Prime Minister I would cut that little lurk out at once.

When I was told this the other night well words fail me ok I think it best not to tell the world what I said but I guess you can imagine it.

Take a squizz at this Am I eligible for a Large Family Supplement?

To be eligible for the Large Family Supplement you must have three or more children for whom you receive Family Tax Benefit.

How much can I get?

You can receive a Large Family Supplement of $9.80 a fortnight for each child after the second. This is paid on top of your Family Tax Benefit.

Large Family Supplement

Number of children

Extra each fortnight

Extra each year












$1 022.00

Yeah amazing huh no wonder we get so many folk who try to get in here thank goodness that was stopped the trouble is the ones that got in before we tightened up immigration receive all these benefits and much more I assure you.

Pay attention Rudd ok and don’t forget the power of the grey army as us poor old geezers and geezeresses are known as.

We have defied governments before so watch it you are just the new kid on the block.

Oh by the way we fought for this country so we could remain free and allow our children a better life BUT this was not done thinking that we would get passed over in our so called Twilight years what a hoot that is.

You pal are merely on probation still I must admit you look better than that Beazley you defeated for the leadership.


By the way those figures are chickenfeed if you look on the site below more is revealed no wonder we are called the lucky country.

All in all we still are the lucky country I just object it being at the expense of senior citizens who paid their income taxes.

Australian Government

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