World's oldest man dies in UAE and more stuff

Lizzie Borden was not the oldest say some

It seems the issue of the world’s oldest person has been clouded even further from a report I read from Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

Apologies to the late Benito Martinez (126) and Elizabeth Lizzie Bolden (116), both reported to be the world's oldest people when they died. That honour apparently goes to Fujairah's Ali bin Abdullah bin Ezab (140), which also makes him the world's oldest person anywhere ever, beating France's Jeanne Calment who died at a comparatively youthful 122 whom I did not hear about either.

I never knew this but it seems this happened in the Middle East the UAE to be precise so I guess there is hope for me yet I sure hope so.

All the same I don't think I could live in the UAE although I have been there I prefer good old Oz Mind you it seems a lot of Brits live there and holiday there as the climate is ideal after Great Britain.

Will the net have changed much do you think? I think so instant news that sort of thing from a little gizmo possibly in your pocket or purse.

Courtesy of the Khalee Times


Missing weapons breach national security, Rudd says

Our new Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says the alleged theft of weapons from Australian army bases is a major breach of national security.

He's right there

The Army has confirmed it is investigating the possible theft of weapons after claims criminals in New South Wales are in possession of rocket launchers.

An Army Sergeant who works at the Puckapunyal School of Artillery in Victoria has been charged with theft, firearm and dishonesty offences.

I dont like the Sergeants chances myself.

The sheer utter waste of money that goes on in our Department of Defence is a disgrace also.

A Serviceman/Woman can be posted anywhere at Government expense; this has been known to happen to the same person twice within 12 months making it an extensive rort for Soldiers and the like who get huge sums of cash for this purpose the allowances paid are out of this world.

Most of them obviously claim the maximum whilst in some cases camping out on the way to the new base.

When one enquires one is told they have a budget and if they use less they get less of the poor old taxpayers cash next financial year which makes sense and yet does not; Look into that one Mr Rudd would yah



Still it looks like we are in the box seat to retrieve the Ashes back as England appeared to be shell shocked at our performance today at the WACA ground in Perth Western Australia.

England has two days to score well in excess of 500 runs I don’t believe it has been done before; it is however possible.

The Brits released a secret weapon in Spin Bowler Monty Panesar hid him for the first 2 tests but our blokes soon made short work of him never mind the reports in the media; I watched it ok.

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