We all knew this would happen

Why the big deal

Of course the pope would protest just like Roman Catholic clergy in WW11 protested when if you read this site thoroughly actually applauded Hitler and his methods for genocide.

Holocaust info

One can now maybe see why I am not a Catholic but I can still recall this event with National Socialism.

No sympathy from me then regarding Hussein’s execution except that the larger trial regarding the WILFUL MURDER OF THE KURDS should have been held first or in an attempt to mollify some individuals together.

What did he expect he wanted Paradise so he got it.

I by the way am a stickler for human rights but NOT in this case.

People can say oh America interfered by this statement **Late Friday, a U.S. judge refused to halt the hanging**.

Whether or not they did is now irrelevant the blight has been removed from the Earth.

Now Mr. G W Bush President of the United States of America will you please pull out of Iraq the thorn in your side has been removed.

Washington Post

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