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Curry craving inspires 14,000km takeaway order
A group of English cricket fans watching their team play in Australia were so desperate for a curry from their favourite chef that they ordered one from Britain, and the restaurant's managers promised to deliver.
Not a joke but I find it incredible.
It takes all sorts I guess but be warned you Pommy fans it may not make it through our Customs we are hot on stuff like that to pardon the pun.
Santa’s face job risks being cheery: survey

Saying "ho,ho, ho" is practically a Christmas miracle, given the job woes that shopping mall and store Santa’s face each day, according to a US survey apart from all the mishaps that occur like kids wetting on his lap pulling his beard and all that garbage, the thing is has political awareness crept in here I would without doubt say yes it has with everything else and not only in the USA it has reared its ugly head in my country I know that, so there is a distinct possibility this could be SANTA’S last year on the job who knows I mean we could be upsetting somebody here, did I say a Moslem nah dear reader you are blind look again.
MERRY CHRISTMAS READERS even to you BUSH BLAIR AND HOWARD political awareness my A**

Company fined for building highway through Great Wall of China

Now this will never do how has this happened in the largest communist nation I ask myself, still I don’t really care what happens in China to be honest their policies STINK but as a point of interest it seems that only a third is left of this ancient structure and these contractors were fined yes fined not put in a pig pen, ah of course MAO has gone thank heavens.
Sexual Highs in the UK

I always thought this honour went to the French

Not that I realised the French had any Honour left after their A tests in the Pacific and killing of innocents in a New Zealand port.
Londoners were the most likely to have reached a sexual high, with claims that 35% had an orgasm a day.
Sex therapist Emily Dubberley said and I quote: "As a nation we are enjoying sex more than ever. But what is distressing is the lack of knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases."
It seems condoms are discarded in the UK Tut Tut.
Thank heavens I moved to the land down under where I might add the nation enjoy their sex also but we are a little more informed on STD’S no I put that wrong we take heed the Poms obviously don’t; too much of their soccer riots and grogging on, and brawling after international games is their big problem.

A Bigger Bite than T Rex

Holey Moley just wondering what sort of line and hook to use nah course I don’t need to wonder I have realised we were not invented then phew thank goodness.
Scientists reckon the monster fish, which was protected by armour plating, prowled the Devonian seas 400 million years ago.
'This Is the Ultimate'

It sure looks good; I have already placed an order who needs to go to the Gabba or the Sydney cricket ground with this I know a fellow blogger who would dearly love one of these sadly he has bought a new one but not as large as this methinks.
2.6162 meters or 8 foot 7 inches wide WOW 103 inches wide I just love it I have informed my local club about this as they are not up on techie matters; they are looking into it.
A long wait I fear as the screens have to be ordered from Panasonic's factory in Japan and there is a waiting time of at least three months.
Just though they and all you bloggers should know this, I am now wondering that being as we are much closer to Japan than the UK whether we will get in first.

ABC news and Sky News

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