The boy King and more.

Seems King Tut died from a broken leg I always thought it was by the sword any chance one wonders could the great minds that solved this possibly intriguing puzzle could get to the problems of the twenty first Century no I guess not. We have many problems that cannot be solved as yet cancer is a nasty I wonder did our ancients have this problem Hmm still it made for very interesting reading I admit. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I did mention this in my last blog I believe I guess this is what it looks like all cleaned up mind you the ancient Greeks were very smart people. Medicine inventions poets, playwright’s, war indeed a lot of the English language stems from ancient Greece so it really came as no surprise to me to read this in fact it has been news for days now and on a few blogs as well I noticed. __________________________________________________________________________________ Now this is more like it Normal immune cells that were genetically altered to recognise and destroy cancer cells have successfully shrunk large tumors, scientists reckon. A couple of people with advanced melanoma—a deadly form of skin cancer—that underwent experimental treatment with the engineered immune cells saw their tumours shrivel in fact after a couple of years they were in fact declared completely free of the disease. _____________________________________________________________________________________ So you enjoyed your Thanksgiving turkey But party hosts in other parts of the world often mark their special events by dishing out more unusual fare. In southern India, for example, a big Sunday lunch among the Anglo-Indian community might feature the local delicacy kutti pi—a cooked animal fetus to be precise a goat’s fetus; not my cup of tea to be honest thank goodness I live in a western country. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Awww such a sweet story They might not be suede, but these blue shoes are a perfect fit for "Elvis." The newly shod bird you can see here is a Fairy Penguin in New Zealand we have them here in Australia also in our South Eastern states, this poor little bloke along with a few more developed calluses. Somebody had a big heart I reckon National Geographic Ancient Greece.

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