Important news in the Northern Hemisphere and more

Much more of a worry to us

Of much more important news than the blight that was removed from our society on Saturday 30 2006 is the huge sheet of ice that has broken free close to the North Pole a mere 800 Kilometres south not so far and it appears it happened some 16 months ago and was not noticed at the time.

This is definitely a sign that our weather is changing; it has changed in good old Ozz sadly as we have had the coldest December on record.

It may not be cold by Northern standards but to us it is cold I assure you.

Yes this is worrying news indeed there is a video of it on here kindly received from CNN only 1 advertisement at the beginning so it is well worth a squizz so take a look HERE disable your pop up blocker if you have one.


It seems the Scots are being misled good heavens surely not

Now a Scot I was told is a canny person so what is misleading them a good question and I cannot say whether it is the Whisky consumed there or not however it could well be a case of mistaken identity

They are confused it seems to having their museum named the Royal Museum of Scotland

Even for locals, it was confusing to have the title "Royal Museum of Scotland" to refer to the original 1860s building and "Museum of Scotland" too much whisky do you think Hmm well to put matters in order they have now obtained permission to drop the title Royal which was a privilege given to them in 1904 so wait for it the two of these Museums will now be known as the National Museum of Scotland nobody thought to call them the Royal National Museum of Scotland now is that the whisky talking or do they just want to get rid of the Queen food for thought there I reckon.

Sourced from Scottish Snippets

Finally a very happy and Prosperous New Year to all my reader's I have a few I think.

Remember those resolutions what a hoot they were meant to be broken.

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