I Whizzed to Maroochydore today

I went to Maroochydore today to pick up my camcorder an early Christmas present from Buck Junior (he hates that he reckons he is the original Buck well I think so) youse can all work it out why most of the male members in my family are called that.
If you are around the 45 to 50 year old group you will have no worries but if you are younger well I don’t think you would have a clue! Still you may who knows in our weird world.

Sooo here it is great huh I have to give credit here my youngest son Ah I will call him Buck cripes even his wife does ok, has done a lot for me re computers indeed he started me off on them; he went so far as to send me one down to the mid North Coast of NSW where I lived at the time, things skyballed from that I can tell you, I updated it a bit and really updated it when I moved up to Qld quite near him and my daughter actually.
He now works from his home pictured on here and makes websites for a living as well as graphic art and some printing I believe; send me an e-mail if you want a website made; I will pass it on to him.
I had been living on my own then for a few years still am sadly and he suggested it would give me something to do; how right he was, I have three computers now on my own local area network.
I went to my local library just prior to his gift of the computer and one of the gals there showed me how to use it.
I like to think I have come on a lot since those early days; I have learnt a hell of a lot and can do most things with a computer but not all.
I have made a lot of e-mail friends lost quite a few as well; I did have four special friends from overseas but sadly that is now down to three, I do have more than that but these are kinda special; I have a couple in my own country as well.
I commenced blogging a year ago the twelfth of December 2006 to be precise and find I really enjoy it; if anybody who reads this is interested in blogging I suggest using beta blogger by Google it is free and has many features you can put pictures video clips even music on it if you wish; type pad and word press are good also but one of them is not free but very reasonable price wise.
If by chance you do get into blogging you will soon stop thinking about those forwards as at times they can become quite an irritant you know the ones like if a thousand people do not receive this from you within the hour a huge flying Elephant will evacuate its bowels over you and so on.
I mean some are quite good but flying elephants yeah well enough said I think.

I have seen Buck so I popped in to see my daughter on the way to the shopping mall and thence home for a cup of tea etc.
I don’t know what to make of her at times I really don’t she was busy doing her laundry but she still made me a cup of tea bless her.
I got the usual interrogation which I ignored or made some comment that was not strictly the truth.
Still I shall need to be on my toes as she invited me for a cooked lunch on Sunday; I will go I think why not.
I loathe her interrogations thank goodness I’m not her husband oh yeah they all left just recalled that lol.
She won’t read this will she oh well I’ll think of some excuse like a partner who helps me blog or some rubbish like that.

Oh and my day was made we beat the Poms in the second cricket test woo hoo.


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