Like most Australians I did not like this

I was not overjoyed to hear about the takeover bid for our National Airline as were most folk I spoke to on this matter to make it worse it was from a Texas and a Canadian mob.

I guess it’s like that turncoat Rupert Murdoch who gave away his Aussie citizenship and became an American purely for greed.

He doesn’t have to do it now I’m sure.

Our National Airline is another matter and the weasel who runs our country said he would not stand in the way of it.

Thank goodness the stock holders of Qantas knocked the offer back

Sourced from Courier Mail

Other Nooze of a funnier nature than that so lets hoe into it.

Is there life after death yeah well in the case of one tiny Aussie frog there sure was.

A tree frog has miraculously come back to life after being accidentally frozen solid in a freezer in Australia.

The tiny frog was found covered in a layer of ice in a walk-in freezer - at -18C - at a Darwin cafeteria.

But - after defrosting - it fully recovered and started breathing again, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

It seems incidents like this regarding frogs have happened before but they were American frogs I dunno about you but to me a frog is a frog wherever it was born.

The worker

A 103-year-old Dorset gardener reckons he is Britain's oldest worker.

Jim Webber started working on the land aged 12 and has clocked up 91 years since, and in all that time the great-grandad has never had a holiday.

Widower Jim turns out in all weathers to tend a half-acre garden at his local pub in Stoke Abbott.

I wish now I had a green thumb but thems the breaks he likes a tipple now and then as well it seems.

We might get away with this babe

A German couple caught speeding on their way to give birth were given a toy for their new baby instead of a ticket. They told authorities that they were on their way to hospital where the Wife gave birth to their first baby, police cancelled the fine.

Still they won’t forget it in a hurry as they sent them a toy police officer in uniform holding a speed camera Instead.

And no points or penalties were incurred

Three British muggers who made a big blue

Three thugs who tried to mug a pensioner got a shock - when he turned out to be an ex-Army boxing champ.

Good onyah George we could do with a lot more blokes like you.

George Bayliss, 67, of Bury St Edmunds, had just drawn his pension at the post office when the gang demanded his cash.

It seems the retired builder, who boxed for England in the 1960s, hit the ringleader with a left hook to the chin and his pals fled empty-handed.

And to think in Australia he could have been sued by these scumbags.

This is a goody I have to agree

A Scotsman sold his house so he could go to Australia to watch England play in the Ashes.

I never really thought the Scots were that interested in Cricket even though a Scot captained England onetime.

This bloke reckons he was born in Edinburgh, but when it comes to cricket there isn't much alternative to supporting England.

I dunno what his fellow countrymen think me I just reckon he wanted a holiday.

Sourced from Ananova

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