A lunatic raving once; more God help us

CONTROVERSIAL Queensland Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce has said Australia should mine Antarctica before another country gets in first. Definitely not there is a treaty in force so I read, ok so some countries don’t recognise it well there is a solution. Announce that instead of wasting taxpayers money on Iraq put it into defending our portion about 40% I think. And the rest on enforcing other nations involved either signing a treaty or claiming it for ourselves; and very limited development if any; why in heaven’s name spoil and mar such a beautiful untouched wilderness which is home to lots of wildlife. You Joyce need to go to a shrink I reckon, it is bad enough that the Japanese are doing their best to hunt whales there. You will never get my vote Joyce still I am not a national/country party supporter and never have been. I wonder what would happen if some of our indigenous people decided your home was a sacred burial site and claimed it, boy would you be wild. I wonder do you recall your rash statements to the parliament last year as a relative newcomer. Think well before you utter such idiotic statements your own colleagues laughed at you as well as the opposition; bloody good job we have independents in the house I reckon.

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