I figured it would all come out into the open

ALEXANDER Downer and Mark Vaile have been ordered to provide evidence to the Cole inquiry about their knowledge of the $290 million paid to Saddam Hussein's regime by the AWB, better get your stories right this time boys. These are supposed to be loyal and honest ministers of the Crown. I never like Vaille when he was first voted into our Federal Parliament he was a bit of a shonk I thought; but then he was appointed a minister, Downer on the other hand was a bit iffy But did get better although I think he is a weak Foreign minister myself; but it looked like he has now matured in a big way, a very big way and a lot of the taxpayer's money was used. But it is ok to make us pay more for our medical treatment, and yet $290 million seems to have been paid to a dictator and then we wage war on him, something is not right here The Foreign Minister and Trade Minister have been told to provide written statements and to prepare for a possible appearance in the witness box, to answer questions about the kickbacks scandal. Downer bribe denials sunk. The inquiry's senior counsel, John Agius SC, said the ministers would not be treated differently to other witnesses; "We have written to them and asked them for statements," he said. "If I need to call them, I will. I suggest you subpoena them Mr. Agius much better than writing to them letters can get lost. I figured it would all come out into the open in the end;all these denials for what? It has now become public knowledge as can be seen but the question remains still what about honest John will he deny this to he bitter end or not? No good arguing about it Mr.Howard the Buck stops with you. PRIME Minister John Howard has angrily rejected suggestions that former AWB chairman Trevor Flugge had access to a $4-million slush fund in Iraq, Still $4 million is just a drop in the ocean compared to $290 million; no more tucked away is there Mr.Prime Minister? and then this " Quote" AUSTRALIAN spy agencies have known for eight years a trucking company that funnelled money to Iraq for the AWB was part-owned by Saddam Hussein's regime and breached UN sanctions; 8 years and old honest was still in charge then. My oh my what a dishonest lot we have running our country; a bloody disgrace I reckon.

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