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George you could make history here you know as the Austrians like the rest of us have sussed you out. So when are you going to do something about your chamber of horrors in the US Naval base of Guantanamo bay? The whole world awaits you while you dither about Iran but as a step towards being tactful and decent close the place mate. We the Western world and no doubt the East as well want the place closed. Never mind the Hungarian visit it won’t solve this problem; you as POTUS can save your taxpayers money there just send a minor official ok as this is much more important as all most of us want is the infamous camp closed the troops pulled out of Iraq, your successor can worry about the rest as it won’t be you thank Goodness. What’s all this about visa free entries to your country I thought you had enough immigrants as it is; illegal and legal immigrants. You have many far too many American born citizens to think of; why a horde of others to sponge off your system. Look to your own country is what I think as do millions of others. What about your nation’s children, and your senior citizens (lots of those served in several military campaigns) don’t they deserve better than they get at the moment? We here in Australia are sick of all this just as much as your own people; don’t your senior citizens deserve a tad of comfort in their twilight years? I think so old mate. Cripes even our bloke gave us older folk a bonus have you done that yet? If I were you I personally could not sleep at night with all the horrors you have condoned and in the name of democracy I might add. These talks with the head of the European Union bear considerable thought as to your actions. ~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***

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