You gotta laugh at these surely! well not the first story of course.

A grand old lady Imagine living until you were 176 the mind boggles. Charles Darwin brought this giant Galapagos Tortoise back it seems from the Galapagos Islands way way back in 1835 holey moley that’s a 100 years before I was born. And it seems she was a neighbour of mine well I must admit I never noticed her at Australia Zoo but I wish I had as my Gran had a large Tortoise presented to her by my Grandfather. I was most likely interested in the Crocodile show there and missed her sadly. ``````````````````````````` This guy it seems is stealing the limelight from the soccer world cup and is wandering around Austria and Bavaria even sat down outside a Police station would you believe. Ah it is Italian and wandered into Austria and has killed a few chooks; well cripes he’s got to eat I mean we do. ````````````````````````````` The worlds largest Pub crawl and where was it held why good old Queensland of course; many sore heads I reckon. Of course a swoop by the Queensland licensing commission left a few sour grapes but then I guess they should not have done what they did: Yeah right just because it spilled out onto the streets; wowsers. ```````````````````````` Drunken golf buggy driver Lol this feller was arrested in the Northern Territory for doing doughnuts; even had a guy on the sunroof still I’d cut him some slack in court it was on a golf course not the highway even if he was over the limit but.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Don't think I will live until 176 will you......do we even want to?!

  2. I don't want to live that long no but maybe a 100 would be good so here's hoping.