A day to remember in our history...D-Day June six 1944

Called Operation Overlord On June 6, 1944, a date known ever since as D-Day, a mighty armada crossed a narrow strip of sea from England to Normandy, France, and cracked the Nazi grip on Western Europe. During World War II, the Allied invasion of western Europe, which was launched on June 6, 1944 (the most celebrated D-Day of the war), with the simultaneous landing of U.S., British, and Canadian forces on five separate beachheads in Normandy, France. By the end of August 1944 all of northern France was liberated, and the invading forces reorganized for the drive into Germany, where they would eventually meet with Soviet forces advancing from the east to bring an end to the Nazi Reich. The supreme allied Commander allied forces General Dwight D Eisenhower giving out one of his pep talks pictured above known as Ike he was also to become a President of the USA after the war of course. Field Marshall Montgomery was the British commander; I did read that he and Ike clashed quite a bit; Monty did not like the idea of an American being solely in charge I believe! Not only American's and Canadian forces partook of this invasion as the Australians and New Zealanders all played their part mainly in the air. Listen to some of the folk who took part in or played a part in this the hugest armada the world has ever seen. Another shot of Ike giving orders to American paratroopers in England on June 6, 1944 Their flashes have been obliterated for security reasons; and with one of Monty in a tank. This day should be remembered and honoured as it was the turning point of the Nazi Regime’s hold on Europe. If it was not for the gallant efforts of the men and women I might add the world would not be quite the same; which does pose some questions I guess after 9/11 and the former USSR but whatever we should all be grateful. I do think that the UK owe the USA a great debt by the aide they were lent under a lease lend agreement which was erased as the UK could never have paid it back. Thinking a little more most of the Western world including the former Soviet Union owes them a debt which can never be repaid. Their manpower was remarkable and not only in Europe but in the Pacific and the loss of life was on a terrible scale for all participants including the enemy. I myself as a schoolboy saw the invasion forces and that was only in a few streets of Portsmouth. CREDIT: U.S. Army photograph, 1944 June 6. Library of Congress. the ABC (Australia) and Google images.

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