East Timorese interference

East Timor Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, the man at the centre of East Timor's current crisis, concedes only one mistake in the events that led to his young country's descent into chaos. When he fired almost half the country's 1,400-member defence force, he should have done it one by one, not all together, he told the media on Saturday. "In every country in the world, if soldiers abandon their barracks, they have to be sacked, but the process has to be done properly," said Alkatiri, 56, who is now guarded by heavily armed Australian peacekeepers. "The procedure was wrongly done," he said. Sacked my a** I disagree with his statement actually they should all be rounded up and court martialed for mutiny. There are now More than 2,000 peacekeepers from Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Malaysia are patrolling Dili's streets. Though violence has eased, the capital remains unsafe. Now I hear that Rumsfeld wants to stick his oar in; I thought he had enough problems in Iraq we don’t need US troops there is my opinion; personally I don’t think the Australian government said this; utter baloney is MO. East Timor’s pacific neighbours have got together and are fixing the problem; butt out Donald, We don't need you bombing the place you have already messed up quite a few countries as it is. Our defence minister Brandon Nelson is an utter idiot on matters like this why he got the portfolio of Defence amazes me; not just me most folk here. I can’t get over this statement that we asked the US for assistance somebody has made a blue surely? Your Marines are needed elsewhere but not in our region of the world. The UN should keep out as well unless specifically asked; weak bunch they are. Comments most welcome Images by Google/Clusty ----------------------------------------------------------

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