Howard’s con job on Australians

THE proposed services access card is essentially identical to the Australia Card proposal for a national identity card overwhelmingly rejected 20 years ago. The image is a Brit one on the left. There are many pitfalls to this apart from the staggering cost as suggested by this article I read in this article. Personal info can be obtained just like that and by some unscrupulous people at that what is wrong with our present means of identification like a driver’s licence or passport nothing at all as far as I can see. Ok so you don’t travel and you don’t drive so what; I am sure that a means of some identification such as the ones who need it could be issued by centrelink after all they just issue a card for young persons as regards their age to go onto licenced premises free so why all this B/S? Who are you trying to kid? Can you envisage this happening well hopefully not but this is what it was like in Nazi Germany in WW11 "Show me your papers. Where have you been? Where are you going? What authorisation do you have to be here? Please come with me” An American nightmare? Yes and an Australian or British one as well. look at this Canadian one it chills my blood. But it will be far worse than that I assure you as ALL your personal info will be on it including bank accounts other monies you earn in fact your life will not be so sacrosanct as it is now; still that’s debatable I guess! But life will not be the same; I know this we will all be like this image depicts us below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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