Guantanamo Suicides

Such concern George After my rant on my last post yesterday I see that it has finally happened. The reason of course is obvious they are sick of being illegally and inhumanely detained. Not classed as POW’s held up by the American legal system etc; is it any wonder this happened? No of course not. Come on Mr. President pull your finger out and do something about this, no good talking about it ACTION is needed from you; you are the boss the buck stops with you. ACTS OF WAR MY EYE. I seriously suggest you do some head hunting on this matter but there is a solution I think pull out from Iraq instead of wasting more of your people’s taxes by pursuing a draft; finally release the illegal detainees none of us in the west are wanted in Iraq don’t you realise this? Most of the world is waiting for this to happen to you but do the honourable think first Eh? *************************************************

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