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Aussie’s it seems are welcome the world over and I was amazed at how well they are received in Canada as well as other countries. These two so full of life and taken from the world before their time is sad. They were well liked in this area it seems. From opposite sides of Australia it seems and the community had taken them under their wing so to speak. On a peaceful mission as well just holidaying in the snow. Life can be so cruel at times. ------------------------------ Whilst realising that this event of a small rural towns pub burning down thankfully with no loss of life rest assured folks they will soon have a new watering hole. When there were serious bush fires some years ago in Tasmania; it was classed a national disaster area, the first thing rebuilt was the brewery hows that grab you? ------------------------------------------------- A bloody disgrace This is what I and no doubt a lot of Aussies will think after reading this. Fancy turning a woman away who was pregnant and her husband had to deliver the still born on the side of the road. To add insult to that they were then told to drive a further 270 kilometres to a hospital at Rockhampton; this mark you from a brand new hospital at Emerald. ------------------------------------------ A MAN accused of a Sunshine Coast road rage murder yesterday walked free from court after a jury took only 40 minutes to acquit him. Sounds a tad fishy to me. Not far from where I live either; too much of this road rage goes on here indeed I read on a blog that millions do this all over the world. Years ago it happened to me when I was trying without much luck to get into the left hand lane as I had to turn off; in the end I cut this joker off just to get into the lane I needed or travel another 70 kilometres before I could turn back; Because I put my foot down (those Fords have some herbs lol) he followed me and it almost came to blows; this one has resulted in a death. There was talk of cracking down on this outrageous behaviour but nothing much was done. Comments most welcome on all of my posts.

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