Why the sudden interest use now?

How come you have taken so long Mr. Howard PM MP to finally admitting to discussing an illegal detainee in Guantanamo? Ah of course an election is looming silly me. Still you detain women and children here; is your conscience pricking you? It bloody well should be. All detainees at this facility whatever they are suspected of doing are being detained while awaiting the legal Jurisprudence of the USA regardless of race, gender or creed; they have all been treated appallingly. They are not even officially known as prisoners of war indeed they have been treated worse than dogs. Had a little chat with Donald did we? Not good old George then or Tony? He is as bad as you, the whole shebang of you, now let’s see I need a name, ah I have the very thing; THE FOUR UNJUST MEN, yes the U.S was provoked by 9/11 but good old George gung-ho as ever rushed blindly in and invaded Afghanistan and also decided to invade Iraq he actually said so and you aided and abetted him, without I might add the wishes of the majority of the Australian public or indeed most of the world. Now it seems that it is the American legal system at fault according to this report; not their elected head of state (BUT WAS HE FAIRLY ELECTED Hmm) and his minions. Meanwhile poor David Hicks is still incarcerated on that base off shore as are all of them really, and now you have the dammed hide to tell us that you had talks after all. According to this report he was not even a practising Moslem. Hows about you go have a jog as you’re good at that with your bosom pal George and bloody well DEMAND his release forthwith? I read once that he was not captured fighting at all merely training by this very same newspaper; think about that sport very hard ok. Get this BIG mess sorted out ASAP you won’t get my vote but then your party never has; bunch of hypocrites; You were of course supposed to govern this country fair and square and you haven't been have you? you lie through your teeth like all politicians. Bloody well retire will you and get somebody else to run Australia but not that Costello. You do realise I am often asked I quote "do you live in Abbot and Costello's country" unquote. You are Abbot has that sunk in yet? of course it hasn't you are too pigheaded for that. Once more get Hicks and all other Australians out of that hell, indeed ask your mentor to consider laying charges against every detainee there or RELEASE them. ____________________________

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