Leviathan’s on the warpath

Well done to the unnamed Nations that supported this motion rallied on by some South American and European countries and count me in; I mean Japan has a Whaling commissioner they must have if they have a deputy whaling Commissioner. He must come under the FRTS dept (food from the sea) this is a first surely. The sheer greed and gall of the Japanese doing this is absolutely unreal. To do it in the waters of the Antarctic really makes my blood boil; I for one thoroughly endorse Greenpeace on this one. So come on Great Britain, Australia and the USA start the ball rolling. Are these countries that wish to hunt the poor old Whale wondering if the Whales will attack good heavens all products from Whales are now synthetic, of course not all they want is the meat to eat. More are they wondering if the Whales have these moratoriums! Look out all pro Whalers they should have formed a HTH (hunt the humans) by now armed of course with just their tails lol. As a matter of interest Australia has a protected zone for Whales as shown by this Map below. ``````````````````````````````````````````

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