One of those things

I do believe this sort of thing has been discussed and blogged about many times but in a strife and war torn Iraq as with any other nation who is using firearms and has fought a war with said nation; is as the Brits say quote “these things happen as it were” unquote. Just put it down to an accident or class it as killed in friendly fire. Mr.Iraqi trade minister you would not be the trade minister if Saddam was still in power; ok we should not in my opinion be in your country but it seems we are but here is some advice for free Andrew Downer and his underdog Vaile will not apologise and if perchance you get one it will only be to shut you up. We have plenty of other countries to trade with besides your country; the ADF is investigating wait until they declare a finding; theADF are investigating other things as well so you will have to join the queue or line as our American friends say. You are lucky I am not the Australian PM; if I was our troops would not be there at all.

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