The pot calling the kettle black

There was a time years ago when I would have agreed with these countries opposing the Japanese PM’s annual visit to a war shrine; they were a cruel barbaric race to most western countries. BUT do we of the west not do the same thing on a grander scale? Well we do we celebrate war with ANZAC day, Remembrance Day, Memorial day. Then of course other nations like Russia, France, Belgium; I could go on of course but I do hope dear reader (that’s a hoot) that the message has got across. It is said it is because of the executed war criminals interred there that gets up some folks noses; so what if WW11 had ended in the Axis hands they would have put some of our military and such on trial and executed them as well. Believe me when I say that although Japan is a neighbour and ally now I did not like their policies on war down to wildlife. But that is in the past except for the whale issue, and I think Mr. Junichiro Koizumi has every right to respect his deceased compatriots' Still I notice it is only Asian countries that publicly whinge at this. Good heavens here in Cowra a small country town in New South Wales Australia we have built our own shrine to remember the 247 Japanese POW’s who were shot dead whilst escaping. Originally the Killed POW’s were buried in the Cowra War cemetery however in 1964 In a joint effort both the Australian and Japanese governments of the day co-operated and built a Japanese war cemetery for all Japanese nationals killed in WW11. There is also Japanese gardens there and I have been to them including a traditional Japanese Tea house; there is a friendship bell called the world peace bell situated outside the Council chambers. And this man is being Whinged at for attending his own shrine what rot; I was taught as a child that everyone is entitled to pray to who they like, religion is a personal thing. I applaud Mr. Koizumi for his doggedness on this issue.

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