Dodging the real issues.

Before G.W.Bush decides to allow discussions re Gay marriages should he not look at the much more important problems? There are far more important problems than same sex marriages? In my opinion. 1-more crisis’s in Iraq. 2-the budget deficit which is to me horrendous. 3-his approval rating is way down. So what does he do? He is focusing his attentions on same gender weddings; now to my way of thinking the first two items should be dealt with at once the gay business is much more a secondary thing. I have a few suggestions for the man who is aspiring to become the worlds Police Commissioner. 1-solve the Iraqi crisis forthwith; easily done just pull out all of your military the Iraqi’s now have a Government they can decide their future not Bush or Blair; even our resident Clown is otherwise engaged at the moment and Rumsfeld wants to stick his big oar in there. 2-his people in a lot of cases are not getting decent medical attention; it must be FIXED he is the head of state. 3-food another item that needs to be FIXED. 4-fuel costs he needs to FIX it. 5-the budget he needs to fire the treasurer appoint a new one give them more powers to FIX things. To my way of thinking not that difficult; bring home the military and letting National Guard members go back to work, he could then prune the military why have so many? That will ease the budget a little. He has far too many hangers on that have to be paid he must FIRE them. If he stopped trying to outdo every other country and concentrated on the USA he could save heaps for the American people. For a start he could endeavour to get other countries to make the UN be Peace enforcers not the weak mob they are at present lobby votes for that; then they can do all these criminal acts he has done; gets him off the hook I reckon. Does he actually want to become the most idiotic U.S. President the world has ever known because that’s what most of us think of him. One has only to see all the idiotic cartoons of him to realise he is actually acting like one. All heads of state get lampooned I know but as much as G.W.Bush? I think the job has gone to his head and I sincerely hope he loses in 2008 and his party. Whether the other party is any better I don’t know but they surely can’t be any worse! Asking too much for him to resign I guess.

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