The Greek machine and more.

It seems the ancient Greeks had a device it did all kinds of things looking at it you have to remember that after revised dating by researchers it was reckoned to have been in use around a 100 years BC phenomenal it looks cruddy but cruddy it wasn’t.
It correctly predicted certain astronomical events indeed it could chart irregularities of the moon and all mechanical gosh no Silicon Valley influence here for the ancients no micro chips holy moley a forerunner of the Bill gates technology perhaps lol.

Brazilian Stonehenge

It seems 127 granite monoliths up to three metres high has been discovered in the Amazon near French Guiana which could be 2000 years old In December; the path of the sun allows rays to pass through a hole in one of the blocks, possibly to calculate agricultural activity and religious rituals.
Archaeologists reckon the find holds mysteries similar to Stonehenge, in Salisbury, England, another monument of huge stones, whose purpose is also unclear.
I have been to Stonehenge indeed there are articles about it in my archives a truly amazing place.

Coin collectors take note

Go shower as coins according to this do not smell but we do well I know that we smell but coins takes a bit of believing I know.
According to this report the smell emanating from the coins is all an illusion it is in fact you when you touch them do you believe that? What a crock of **** Lol I have now relegated my depleted coin collection to a chest in the cellar.

I just read the silliest thing on live science HOW DID THE EARTH GET IT’S NAME answer was well we really don’t know I am now wondering why it was reported indeed why I even blogged it.

Some creatures can really take the heat up to 55 degrees Celsius which is 131Fahrenheit approximately wow not this creature that’s for sure 96 F will do me fine.
It actually is a worm gotta be tough skinned I reckon.
We can take that temperature in the air but this is in sea vents and it seems the human body can only stand about 105 degrees after that it becomes unbearable, ok go try it in your hot tub I shan’t ok I know I haven’t got a hot tub lol

Sources BBC and Live Science

Thanks to blogger this is the second try at posting this I realise the service is free I realise the job it must be to maintain all of the blogs on here but good grief it seems to be an everyday event for me the picture here is one I see all too frequently.
One wonders if Google have taken too much on in their bid to out rival Microsoft


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