A wealthy Federal Government agency in Sydney I’ll say

So it seems that in excess of A$600 Million in foreign aid never did get to where it was destined for it was kept by a small Federal Government Agency in Pitt street so what’s new this government does this all the time remember the wheat board scandal I thought you might.

Read this what a sick joke we the Australian people are expected to welcome this well no we are not supposed to know about it silly me.

A quote from the Herald “Almost $1 billion which the Government has identified as official aid is being spent on programs in which no new money flows to the countries said to be getting it, Aid watch says in a report to be released today”. Unquote’

It matters little that it was covered up that seems to be the norm for the Howard Government.

I have my beady eye on you Rudd before you even get the top job in the land; be a bit more open than the bastards in power at present.

This money tagged development assistance to Iraq also dubbed as phantom aid yeah well that seems right.

Cripes as I read on it gets worse while the elderly and the sick get older and sicker A$ 3 Billion more of foreign development never in fact leaves the country and indeed some have been directed away from overseas poverty relief programmes

In actual fact this newspaper found most of the loot had never left good old OZ

Remember here that good old Johnny Boy made a pledge to the United Nations to increase official aid to A$4 Billion a year by 2010

Johnny Boy is running his last race this year and he has to be worried; what happens when the new Government is sworn in well I'll tell you there will be hunts for scapegoats.

Sadly this does not return the missing cash but surely somebody is responsible for that cash oh well no doubt we shall find out eventually or will we Hmmm.

As Mark Thomson says it is a mere bribe while Australia actually preaches the rule of law and how to govern to our neighbours in the Pacific; so I read it as bribe money known as squeeze in Hong Kong.

This means then as I see it that somebody does get the cash that the average Aussie worker toiled for like a goat cash not meant for where it was actually going (I should have been an accountant) well I for one do not like it and my reaction will be shown on polling day you can be sure of that.

I have only ever missed one Election Day be it local Government, State Government or Federal Government and that was a referendum my excuse I simply forgot after reminding my children not to forget lol

You can bet your boot's I won't miss this one even if I go to the polling booth in a wheelchair.


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