We do not need anyone kowtowing to the Red Chinese government

Personally I would far rather have an audience with the Dalai Lama than any Chinese official.

China took Tibet as far as I’m concerned the Han live in Tibet now.

Tibet was just minding its own business when along came what I still call the yellow peril and forced his hand thereby making him live in exile; in the beginning it was India I have absolutely no idea where the his Holiness the Dalai Lama lives now.

I loathe communism in any shape or form.

I’m also annoyed that our Federal government including the leader of the opposition Rudd are snubbing The Dalai Lama; I cannot recall a time when the Dalai Lama has treated anyone with contempt but that joker Hu and his mob do it all the time beneath his smarmy smile, Senator Brown reckons it’s a disgrace and so do I.

This is a direct quote from Senator Brown “Here we have in Canberra this obsequious, weak at the knees attitude and we must bow to Hu and the rest of the reds in Beijing from all people but the PM

Human rights are at stake here and one must remember that Australia has large amounts of resources that the Chinese government want desperately

As Michael Danby a labor MP said to the ABC we as a nation should defy the political pressure remember this is a nation that killed its citizens in Tiananmen Square some years ago now, surely we have not forgotten that episode: I haven’t I don’t think I ever will.

China is too fond of shaking its fist at other nations far too much.

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