Galloping Gertie’s Face lift


It will now be known I read on Wiki as sturdy Gertie by locals.

The old Tacoma Narrows Bridge will soon be open once more after a face lift costing $849 Million a lot of money in anyone’s language.

Actually started in September 2002 and it is now so I read and heard from a friend almost ready to go, the tolls are in and I believe it costs around 3 bucks.

A rather odd fact that I read on Wiki was that Clark Eldridge who accepted some of the blame for the collapse was that he was captured by the Japanese and was recognised by a Japanese officer as the fall guy in Japan itself before the end of the war in the Pacific; this officer it seemed strode up to Eldridge put out a hand and said Tacoma Washington; I think he was a student in WA prior to the war.

This bridge is in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest

A friend of mine told me a little of Galloping Gertie I wont repeat what she said so as to keep her anonymity.

However I did discover a video clip of the tragedy so watch very carefully and you will see the collapse in its entirety.

And just here is a map of the placement of the new bridge it does remind me of a certain suspension bridge also in the Northern Hemisphere but the Washington one is huge compared to the one I was thinking of.

This Video clip from You Tube was amazing I thought but as I said earlier you will need to watch it very closely.

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