A few things I figured I would blog

So Monday

My youngest son took me to the eye specialist about a 50 kilometre return trip so not far I drove to his place about 30 kilometres return trip first.

It seems my left eye is really crook it’s no wonder I squint whilst typing and reading.

It will be fixed on Saturday as I have been on this waiting list so long they are going to do the procedure at a private hospital about an hours drive from his place; only a day job 20 minute procedure and the rest of the time in recovery; I am a tad worried about the anaesthetic as at one time I was a smoker; I stopped for a very long time but after that I started up again but finished not really all that long ago now well at a guess maybe 2 months or more I cannot recall; I shall not start again as I was amazed at the amount of money I saved.

Then it seems I have to go back to see this bloke the next day; I queried that as it will be on a Sunday so he said I am opening just for you lol.

My son did not like the attitude of the staff there he said they were quite rude to me; I did not realise this being deaf as well don’t get old peoples deafness, cataracts, rheumatics; the list is endless.

So yeah a night without the computer which was ok I just went to bed after supper and a few cups of tea.

So Tuesday

Watching the news on TV with my son and a cup of tea the conversation sorta of skewed onto our upcoming federal election which will decide the political party to run Australia.

I happened to mention the $500 tax free bonus the treasurer is giving us senior citizens by the end of June and the son says yeah you will take the bonus but you won’t vote for him; I had to chuckle at that I admit the thing is I have been doing a bit of soul searching re political parties and I just might vote for him after all or an independent I haven’t made up my mind yet; I did not tell him that of course, I must have a real good squizz to see who the half senate election has as it’s nominees as well.

Half of the Australian federal senate are up for election every three years.

There are in fact 76 senator’s 2 each for the ACT and the NT and 12 each for the states, they are elected on a proportional representation for 6 years but they are rotated so half have to retire every 3 years except the 4 who represent the ACT and the NT they are elected every3 years with the common herd

So home I went and thought I have a few things to do like a gift voucher for my son’s wife (her birthday is almost here); went into the larger of the two shopping malls we have in Nambour and we were all asked to leave the fire alarm went off like a banshee; a hoax of course but a nuisance to all concerned probably a load of kids but maybe not it could of just happened

Down under just to finish off your reading

Men at work a very catchy tune to describe us Aussies clip courtesy of you tube I actually found several versions on there but the photography on here was in my opinion better I particularly loved the three last words portrayed at the end of the clip; it is us to a tee for sure.

This music is also on both of my blogs on the side music only not a video like this.


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