The Zimbabwean Cricket tour just hit Ctr+delete yea or nay

As I recall this happened once before but the Australian cricket board were allowed to make up their own minds and I fervently believe we should do so in this instance; on the other hand this could well be the correct decision

Politics should have no say regarding a sporting series of any kind not just cricket but any sport in my opinion.

This is a direct quote from our present incumbent Prime Minister and I myself although agreeing with his comments re the Mugabe regime I quote The federal government has ordered the Australian cricket team's tour of Zimbabwe be scrapped, said Prime Minister John Howard” unquote

I do see the dilemma that by banning the teams Cricket Australia will not have to pay this Mugabe character a red cent whereas if Cricket Australia simply called it off this joker would inherit A$2.4 Million in compensation which I guess most of us know will go into this grubby blokes pocket.

None of it will go towards easing the plight of the average Zimbabwean at all; I am not so certain that the rest of the Cricketing world sees it in this light let us hope so!!

This is a crying shame of course and the west has tried to help in the past; the results were not positive sadly.

We do have many Zimbabweans living in Queensland as a result of Robert Mugabe’s policies; I guess a lot of them are Australian now although I have heard they do wish to return to their own country.

Their ex-workers want them back or did as well what a terrible quandary to be in regardless whether it is about sport or not.

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