Children with firearms at school

A friend sent me an e-mail today about guns in the hands of a student so I searched on you tube and lo and behold it was on there; it makes for interesting viewing and listening to I had quite a shock in fact there were many on you tube one featured a Police officer who in the opinion of many on you tube should be fired not literally sadly also he needed lessons in how to speak English, I could not understand him at all to be honest.

In fact I will put it on here so you can take your pick of whether I was correct in my thinking or not.

However first up is the one my friend from Texas sent to me below.

This in turn made me decide to do a bit of an article on this subject.

We have drugs in our schools in Australia but as far as I know no firearms YET at least as firearms are banned in this country after the massacre at Port Arthur Tasmania of I think 33 innocent people; The NASTY responsible is still alive in secluded quarters in Gaol on the Island.

The other one yes it is my fervent opinion this Police officer really does not know safety procedures with firearms one iota and needs to be re-trained you will note how he waves it around in the air snatches one out of a woman’s arms.

In short the man is a disgrace to the police service he is in I could not tell as he was in mufti and if he said well I never heard it.

I do know if I had acted like he did when I was in the military I would have ended up behind bars.

Anyhow here it is below decide for yourself

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