Apartheid in a school in Georgia USA officially officially over

Georgia high school holds first integrated prom, but traditions die hard

We’re gonna party like it’s 1969 was a comment uttered on this statement by associated press


It was difficult to get comments in fact as it appears school officials told white students not to discuss it with the media.

In spite of official integration it was and has always been done separately what anybody else would in fact term apartheid.

However the students decided to abolish this and integrated themselves and good on them I say I have no time for racists at all.

Mind you it did not really go down as it was planned as many whites attended their own private prom as it is called.

And the mere fact that this well American apartheid if you like has not made that big a difference especially in the Southern states of the U S of A is really a matter of conjecture as I write to quite a few Americans and not all of them love their coloured brethren; I guess the same could be said here in some cases onlthough hefty fines can result if the practice is abused.

Now as I blogged yesterday this abhorrent practice is rearing its ugly in my country in fact in my state and I personally take exception to it.


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