Some interesting items I read today

One of which was a reason given as to why it is almost impossible to get a woman elected as President after reading it I still think a woman can be elected as the administration head but yes it will be quite difficult.

Their system actually trips up a woman seeking to get elected to the top job sadly to quote Andrew Reynolds who is a professor at UNC.

Guess what it is not politics as much as sheer dominance by wealthy WHITE males.

I myself don’t like the sound of that either thank goodness I do not live in the USA that is just sheer racism and DOMINANCE naturally

The U.S. political structure is partly responsible. Many parliamentary systems encourage alternative voices by allowing small parties, but the United States fosters a two-party system in which the parties have to appeal to a broader audience; well so I am led to believe; I don’t actually either.

Its all hocus pocus yes ok smaller parties can mess things up for the larger political parties I agree but is this a bad thing? No it is not as smaller parties hold the balance of power in our senate I believe at the moment.

This is distrusted by the Democrats and Republicans and the evil spectre of money of course is high on the American agenda; the average American citizen will tell you that.

There have been many women who have held the reins of their country even our close Neighbour New Zealand has Helen Clarke at the helm it is all on this info I read on Reuters, some on the sub continent also.

It seems that voters in the USA are not really comfortable at the thought of the Commander in chief being a female; why I certainly don’t know but this is the 21st Century Mr and Mrs America and not the 18th I think a woman can do just as good a job I mean lets face it other women have and succeeded in fact some are still in office as I said earlier.

She will have her military advisers never fear, I just hope that if a woman gets elected as the POTUS she will pick women military advisers just to get things on the right foot.

You would actually be amazed at the number of men in Australia that I have discussed this with thought it a good thing; not all of them but a fair swag of em think in this vein.


Distasteful but true

The CIA (Central intelligence Agency) is one of a few intelligence agencies run by the US Government.

For decades it decried the then USSR for their prisons indeed quite a few westerners have been unwilling guests of the old USSR but the high and mighty good old USA has almost a similar prison system.

Thanks to in the main blogging I fervently believe it was exposed because a sharp blogger blogged it; well I like to think so at least.

What a shocking thing Mr G W Bush and the rest of his administration ought to be downright ashamed of themselves; they won’t be of course these jokers always seem to get away with it even after it was all exposed the Bush administration just blithely carried on.

Did I hear somebody mention free speech nope one has to be very care of what they say in the land of the free.

It’s much the same in the UK so I read on the BBC so it surely must be the same in my country; all governments are NOT to be trusted at all whatever their political stance.

I should imagine William J. Donovan (a.k.a. Wild Bill Donovan) turning in his grave if he could read this but then maybe not who knows,

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