Supporting Human rights

Well I have been in favour of human rights for some considerable time now so ok some of the religions can and will offend some but they are still entitled to rights whether they are Muslim or Christian in fact any religion.

I was always taught as a child by the way that a person’s religion is their own affair entirely I still do by the way, click on the image to see it better.

Terrorist attacks that we in the west have been subjected to are from extremists Fundamentalist Moslem's or Muslim usually but not always.

Info here.

The folk that are Islamic on this human rights blog of mine are just ordinary people just like you or me they are not fanatics at all in fact in most cases they have been gaoled by fanatics.

So this peoples is a good thing in my opinion I am always writing letters on their behalf and at times these letters do help some of the people who have lost their liberty to their fanatical governments; not always of course sadly.

This supporting will not cost you any money either although there will be times when you could be asked for a donation; you do not have to do this of course it is usually a case of consenting to sending a letter from you to the transgressors.

This is even made easy for you by being already written you can alter it if you desire but with a couple of clicks of your trusty mouse VOILA it is done .what can you lose a couple of minutes of your time and you may get an innocent person out of gaol remember this is 2007 and not 1907.

There are times when us humans lose sight of that sadly.

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