KKK 'on recruiting mission in Queensland'


It would seem evil is rearing it’s ugly head in Queensland Australia from southeast Qld to North Qld in the north a member of the defence force at Laverack Barracks Townsville had set up a website for these racists.

This is being looked into I read on here.

These scumbags should be gaoled and thrown out of the country in my opinion.

Australia is now an ethnic country and we do not want the likes of this outlawed group here; I read that they are outlawed in the USA and yet their grand wizard appears on American television why I shall never know.

However they are most certainly not wanted here.

It appears one of our military set up a website supporting these scum in Townsville as well; if this is not dealt with at once we will look bloody fools and racists it has to stop and the offenders gaoled if they are in the military well then nothing less than a dishonourable discharge and imprisonment will suffice.

It’s a blatant reminder methinks that this kind of hatred still exists in this multicultural country of ours.

We must nip this in the bud right now It first came to my attention on here

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