What a load of Crap

So folk from the sub continent are now whinging over the fact that Adam Gilchrist scored a 149 runs in the world cup final and in their opinion it’s illegal.

Read up on the rule book folks ok a squash ball could be construed as padding as well if you think about this and cannot be equated with Dennis Lillee’s Aluminum Bat either.

The plain fact of the matter is that we won; there can be only one winner.

Yes I do realise that a lot of betting occurs on the Sub Continent regarding cricket; it does here in Australia also, possibly not to the same extent as the sub continents punters but who knows I have never actually checked it out.

What really gets up my nose is that there are now blogs on this if you click HERE whingers all.

Face up to the facts India and Pakistan you are both excellent teams it is not in your makeup to do this obviously a member of the fourth estate dreamed this LULU up to sell newspapers; I got the report from HERE.

This bloke well words fail me just read what he says

The characteristic of the squash ball indicates that the ball is made of vulcanised rubber with additions of polymers and synthetic material to achieve a degree of fairly low resilience. The lower the resilience of the object the higher the proportion of energy used in deforming it. Thus when a batsmen hits the cricket ball, the air inside the squash ball gets pressurised or deformed, releasing a spring load of energy, that is transferred directly to the bat, resulting in a catapulting effect on the cricket ball, as evidenced by the spectators, watching Gilchrist's batting spell bound.

In this context, it is evident that wearing a performance enhancing device (Squash ball) is prohibitive against the Spirit of the Cricket Game' and is analogous to an Athlete using performance enhancing drugs to win his event. Furthermore, the Australian Cricket Team should be disqualified from the World Cup 2007. To me this is no worse than adding padding for protection or more rubbers on the handle of a cricket bat. This bloke is even equating it with drugs good grief whatever next! One wonders whether Gilly has used this before maybe but who cares really; I just reckon like I said earlier it's just a gimmick to sell more newspapers. Go GILLY give em heaps


  1. Hmmm well Mick, most of those people say the winners are cheaters, without realising that cheaters dont win :P

    Dont mind them... Every win will have its critics.

    Auz was and is the best cricket team out there... No doubts...

  2. very succinctly put Mohan I tend to ignore these whingers even if they earn their daily crust writing scathing comments.
    Oh we will topple one day I guess all teams do; at the moment the world of Cricket is our oyster.