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Scotty beamed up in final space voyage

Actor James Doohan who starred in Star Trek as the famed engineer of beam me up Scotty finally with a few others (around 200) actually made it into space their ashes that is so as fitting tribute to the 85 year old who played the part I think; Doohan was a Canadian by birth; it appears the nose cone of the rocket comes back to earth for the relatives at a very reasonable $499.00 with a plaque commemorating the trip to the stars well almost the stars so in reality a fine gesture all round I think.

James actually passed away some 2 years ago now.

Thanks to Reuters for this info


And now how we bulldozed our way to victory in the cricket world cup for the 3rd consecutive time actually I never doubted we would make the final I thought it would be against another team; however our opponents acquitted themselves very well I thought.

The result may have been a little tougher to achieve if these silly Duckworth Lewis rules had not been in force as Sri Lanka did show remarkable doggedness after I suspect Jayasuriya had a word in his partners ear well judging by the fierce looks he gave Sangakkara it seemed to be the case still I know nobody loves a loser; These two were Sri Lanka's highest scorers by the way,I felt sorry though in a way even though my team won as this stupid rule must at the least be got rid of for a final.

A 38 over reduced match further reduced into confusion as it got dark dam ridiculous, as the Aussie coach of the Sri Lankan team Tom Moody said on here and I fully concur with this comment quote" Moody felt it would be better if future World Cup finals were played over the full 100 over’s and officials should consider carrying forward the game into the reserve day in case of rain. Unquote"

I still reckon we would have won but then I guess I am one eyed.

Oh well just my very biased opinions ok live with them

This is a chart from the Times of India showing the top team’s final points

Unsuccessful appeal by Shaun Tait

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