A bunch of bloody weakies

That’s what category I am putting the Europeans in.

The USA and the UK with lots of commonwealth countries then known as the British Empire paid the supreme sacrifice to help a lot of European nations but it seems they will now not get involved with this Russian business.

My opinion is they should get their heads out of the sand and stand up to Putin and his mob in the Kremlin.

Putin is just a jumped up communist he was a member of the soviet communist party and also a member of the dreaded KGB.

He is still acting like a KGB member in this and lots of other matters I have read from time to time.

He is arrogant like a lot of other world leaders I know of and I admit well think that if GW Bush had not kept on with his policy in Europe re missiles and troops seemingly pointing towards Russia, quite possibly this may never of happened but then who really knows the mind of a communist like Putin.

I still think that the European Union should support Britain in this endeavour to try and solve this murder.

The Portuguese Prime Minister is just all talk and no action he simply does not wish to get involved I find it amazing he has not tried harder.

Now here’s a turn-up for the books the French actually support the UK something I never expected to hear or read about to quote "The murder of a British national on his home soil, using a substance that put at risk the lives of thousands of others is a particularly serious matter," said French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. "Given the gravity of the matter, we stand alongside the United Kingdom in its concern that justice be done" unquote.

Germany reckons the UK overreacted such rubbish from Angela Merkel will not sit well with the British government I fear. You made a blue Angela in my opinion you are frightened of the Ruskies as years ago the German people once were, thanks to you they may be still.

I do realise that the European Union and Russia are to close for comfort and Russia thinks this all an unpleasant surprise BUT how would Vladimir Chizhov the Ruskies rep in Brussels react if nasty things like murder had been done to his country better still his family feel. I suspect he would not like it.

But this Russian overseer Putin has warned the European Union to stay out of this argument and it seems that the weak European Union is doing just that

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