Complacency and terror

I notice that when things are not going so well in the run up to our Federal elections that the incumbent Prime Minister Honest John as he has often been called (cuz he is so crooked I guess)

Decides that he will now do something about welfare payments, family payments to parents that abuse the system; two of my grandchildren do this in a way they drink their family payment away and down the toilet it goes.

Why should the heavily burdened taxpayer buy them drinks and worse still why at the expense of their children, obviously they are not alone in this to just read the attention its getting in this election run up.

No doubt the 7.30 report had something to say about it sadly if so I missed it

It matters not how he does this one iota in my view, does he think we the voters really care HOW of course not the actual question is WHY was this allowed to happen in the first place he will take money from senior citizens etc to bolster his grandiose schemes so how did this happen, well my view for what its worth is he really doesn’t give a dam he is only doing all these things because Kevin Rudd is the front runner in the polls (I have still never been polled by the way) I certainly hope Kev stays in front no even better gets voted in to form a government.

So ok senior citizens were given a substantial bonus and I was grateful but you do need to do a lot more than that Prime Minister to secure your election chances with the Grey Army; so far you have come up with zilch.

Sorry Mr Howard you will not get my vote.

Brisbane Courier Mail


Well enough of that this Doctor has finally been charged I see just after I did a blog on it as well oh well

Somebody has at last awakened up to the fact there is enough evidence after all what annoys me is the fact that the good old Aussie taxpayer will have to pay for all this and the maximum sentence is 15 years.

Why did they not allow extradition at once and sweep it away who knows, also it seems a practice of Indian doctors in a Perth suburb was raided by Federal and WA police amongst others.

If we as a nation are not careful more and more like practices will also be discovered well WE don’t want that so maybe it is just as well we are taking the Americans ideas on terror a lot seriously now much more than before.

It might be annoying to be subjected to searches at airports but if it in any way helps stamp out these terrorists I am all for it.

The Sunday Herald

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